You plant a seed, and have won indeed!

This is a short tale about a life of a nursery pot;


Photograph Credits: Zohair Saifuddin PIA

“It was all meaningless, until one day the gardener picked me up from the stacks of pots. Excited and nervous, I accepted what he added to me, and patiently, I sat in the scorching sun and took a bath in the water.

Several days passed in this wait, and the gardener’s smile told me that there was a sign of the first foliage leaves. This gave me a hope to live, and the hard heartened sun rays became more bearable as I realized what beauty I was holding and flourishing within myself.

It wasn’t me alone now; I had a mate who I held on to.”

Imagine all the bottles you throw every day, every week, why not re-use it by planting a seed? For all the bottles we usually throw away, we could have a nursery of our own. Is it that difficult? Isn’t it much better than piling them up in various places in our city?

For all you’ve got to do is;

  1. Take an empty bottle (preferably at least 1 liter bottle).
  2. Spray paint if you wish.
  3. Cut a rectangular piece horizontally from the bottle.
  4. Make small holes on the opposite side of the rectangle cut (for excess water to go out).
  5. Place soil in the bottle (in the rectangle you’ve cut) and seed or a grown plant (whatever you wish).
  6. Make two holes on two side of the rectangle and tie a rope through two holes so you can hang.
  7. Put hooks or nails where you get sun rays.
  8. Hang your bottle and regularly water it.
  9. For healthy growth of plant through manure click on the link below;

Here you go you have your own bottled plant!

So, now you know it’s not that difficult to re-use the bottles and avoid unnecessary wastage. You could plant them in any other way you wish in a bottle this is just one of the ways to do it.

Please comment and let us know what you think about our movement!

Team UTRG,

Ruqaiya Lokhand.


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